is a UX and Front-End focused web developer with more than ten years experience. He has worked on products and for agencies, across industries and disciplines. He has built teams, mentored developers, co-founded a startup, and led large projects.

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James Muspratt
Lead Designer @ Upstatement

I worked with Michael a lot over the course of 5 years at Upstatement and was always energized to be paired with him on a project. Partly because I knew I'd personally learn a ton (he taught me Vue.js!), and partly because I could count on him to solve thorny technical and strategic problems as they came up.

Simply put, he is a multi-talented, adept collaborator who brings a deep range of engineering skills as well as the experience to apply them effectively. It takes an unusual combination of empathy, strategic thinking, and work ethic to make projects successful, and Michael has all of those in spades.

Lauren Ayala
Program Administrator @ NextGen Cyber

Michael Pelletier was instrumental in the success of a project I had an opportunity to work on. The education outreach project was brand new to my counterpart and I, and asking Michael for his help, he quickly came onto the project and helped with organizing our ideas into a cohesive project. The end result for the website was phenomenal. With Michael's help we'd gone from an idea in our heads to a website that was public-facing with an incredible page to share our mission!

Michael is an incredible personality to work with and an even better professional to represent your cause with a polished design aesthetic!

Brenna Leker
Developer @ Upstatement

I had the pleasure of working on multiple projects led by Michael. He is an excellent mentor who is willing to meet people where they are at, is generous with his time, and is happy to pair and share his learnings and experiences. Michael is smart and innovative; he is willing to think outside of the box in order to find a solution that best meets users' needs.

I really enjoyed working with Michael and I learned a lot from him. Not only is he a smart and capable engineer but he also brings a great deal of empathy to the table which makes him an excellent mentor, teacher, colleague, and user advocate.

Caroline Holden
Founder & CEO @ HomSurfin

Michael Pelletier is an incredibly experienced, talented, and, most importantly, a great person. He's the exact type of person you would want on any team: funny, smart, and asks excellent questions. In the last year, Michael helped me go from some wireframes to a fully built out social real estate app ready to launch and also taught me more about engineering and being a good manager than I ever anticipated.

If you're looking for a stellar engineer who is going to help you go above and beyond: hire him ASAP. He won't be on the job market for long!

Melissa DePuydt
Senior Engineering Manager @ Upstatement

During his 5-year tenure at Upstatement, Michael successfully delivered more projects than any other engineer, outpacing most others by double digits. We often relied on Michael to lead workstreams across two, or even three, client projects at once, and he became known for his ability to make a big impact with only a small time commitment. This is a testament to both his versatility as an engineer and his skill in context switching, seamlessly navigating disparate clients, contexts, and codebases in the course of a day.

Michael has a very high personal quality bar, and he goes above and beyond to ensure that any work he puts out into the world does not fall short of those standards.

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