A faux 80s horror VHS cover that depicts Michael Pelletier as a killer bug person

My name is Michael Pelletier, and I am a web developer. For more than a decade I have not been just a #codeslinger with a focus on beautiful and functional code, but I've honed my skills with an eye for what make for a great design and memorable experience.

My name is Michael Pelletier, and I am a writer, storyteller, and #wordsmith. I have a comic book that I've been co-writing for the past decade. I'm also a #gamemaster - having provided editing, writing, and design for tabletop RPGs. In my free time I act as a #dreadkeeper, reviewing horror movies and writing a script for my own.

My name is Michael Pelletier, and I am an artist. I do light design work occasionally, and I also write poetry and play a variety of musical instruments including the guitar, trombone, and piano. I am not very good at them, but still value the power of music and consider myself a #songweaver.

My name is Michael Pelletier, and I am a creator. I'm currently working at the design agency Upstatement while also building out a start-up called HomSurfin. I am a #dreamwarrior who makes things happen. I value communication, empathy, passion, and teamwork.

You can learn more about me on the About page, see various projects (writings, web creations, blog posts, games, and so on) in Projects, or jump straight to my Resume which outlines specifically my web experience in greater detail.

Or, if you're ready to reach out, you can go to Contact for my details. I am always willing and eager to discuss new ideas and possibilities.

Michael Pelletier