Leo shouting out my work

I am an award winning web developer with a focus on the front-end and UX. In the last 10+ years I've worked with small businesses, non-profits, news organizations, universities, and Fortune 500 companies, on everything from simple websites, to prototypes and design systems, to complex multi-platform apps. I've mentored developers, built teams, led large projects, and even co-founded a startup.

Michael Pelletier
Honorable Mention
"World Changing Ideas"
Runner Up
"2022 Beta Showcase"
Twin Cities Startup Week
People's Voice Winner
"News & Politics"

Personal Projects

In my spare time, I moonlight as a writer and editor. I co-write a digital, licensed comic book called Half-Life: A Place in the West, and I've contributed to tabletop roleplaying games including Slugblaster (Indie Groundbreaker's GOTY for 2022) and the Crescent Moon editions The Exiles and B/X. I have also written some RPG supplements and am designing my own game, working title "A Passage Through".