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A Passage Through

Design Personal RPG Writing

I wrote and designed an RPG - a paranormal investigation buddy-cop game, where a medium and a spirit must work together to help restless ghosts cross over.

Half-Life: A Place in the West

Design Web Writing

Since 2013, I've been co-writing and producing a licensed comic book set in Valve's Half-Life universe.

Misc Websites

Design UX Web

A misc collection of sites developed between 2018 and 2022. Some with Upstatement, some as a freelancer.


Design Personal UX Web

A Discord bot (possibly bent on world domination) that I wrote for my own Discord Server.

Covid Protocols

Blog Personal UX Web

A knowledge sharing challenge - making chapters of content available using Google Docs as a CMS.

The Atlas

Design UX Web

The Atlas is a vast Academic Publication repository.

Stylistic Skies

Blog Personal RPG UX

Or “Designing for what you can’t see.”

A collection of poems written in 2022

Personal Writing

I started writing poetry in late 2021. Here's a bunch of poems that I wrote throughout the year.


Design UX Web

HomSurfin is an exciting new startup that I've been helping build out.

Monsterhearts Supplements

RPG Writing

A few short supplements for the tabletop RPG Monsterhearts


RPG Writing

Slugblaster is a tabletop RPG - I wrote a half page as part of a Kickstarter stretch goal and did some editing

PBS NewsHour

UX Web

Generating broadcast, social, and web graphics for election coverage

On Frameworks

Blog Web Writing

Some (older) thoughts about some of the pitfalls of working with front-end frameworks.

Pretty OkCupid

Blog UX Web

An old post about trying to make a Chrome plugin without an API.

Crescent Moon

RPG UX Web Writing

Crescent Moon is a tabletop RPG that I did some writing, editing, playtesting, and web development for.

Horror Movies

Blog Personal Writing

In which I talk about my love for horror movies and why I watch and review so many of them.

RPG Character Keepers

Design Personal RPG UX

Pushing the limits of Google Sheets to create character trackers for playing tabletop rpgs online.

Blades in the Dark Supplements

RPG Writing

A few short supplements for the tabletop RPG Blades in the Dark

Philadelphia Inquirer

UX Web

An experimental prototype for an editor experience

Society of Grownups Inaugural Hackathon

Blog Web

A blog post about the first Hackathon that I put together when I was with Society of Grownups.