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"Slugblaster: Kickflip Over a Quantum Centipede" is a tabletop roleplaying game about small-town teenagers who have embraced a new fad of hoverboarding through the multiverse. Written by Mikey Hamm and Kickstarted in late 2020.

Slugblaster is all about kids growing up in a town/city that they can't wait to escape. While Mikey based the book's example town on where he grew up in Alberta, Canada, he also wanted to show some other locations, and the different struggles and atmospheres that might be highlighted there. One of the project stretch goals was to do just that - bring on more writers (of which I was one) to write additional example towns based on where they grew up.

My entry, called "Kingsport" was based around cities like Lowell, Massachusetts (where I actually grew up) as well as Baltimore, Maryland and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - presenting a location that was once a booming industry town, but has been reduced to little more than a footnote in history books.

What I wanted to capture is the feeling I grew up with - of being in a city with a lot of past but not much present, and that it felt like so much was happening in Boston and that while it wasn't that far away, it felt like another world sometimes. I also did a couple of late editing passes on this book.

Fun fact: In my town entry, I also made a direct reference to the Owl Diner & Arthur's (both staples of Downtown Lowell) as well as the old Danver's State Mental Hospital, a building which has mostly been torn down now, but was the filming site of the horror movie Session 9 (2001) and was a building I enjoyed very much in my own delinquent teenage urban exploration days.

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