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The projects on here are sites that I've made in the last ~4 years that just don't have their own pages. That may be because there's not enough interesting to talk about on the technical side, or they're too similar to other projects, or I just plain haven't written about them yet.

At Upstatement

In my time at Upstatement I've worked on more than 25 projects - often juggling 2 or 3 at a time. Some projects had deliverables in the form of technical briefs, documentation, and advice, but this is a collection speciically of websites that I developed. In all of these cases except for Arnold Ventures, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and American Thoracic Society, I also acted as the Technical Director.

Craft CMS Sites

I'm an enormous fan of Craft CMS. It's my favorite CMS to work with - boasting an easy set up, a lot of customization, and a really clean UI. These are sites I developed with Craft CMS.

WordPress Sites

While I'm definitely not personally as much a fan of WordPress as I am with Craft, it does certainly have its uses. These are a couple of sites that I developed with WordPress during my time at Upstatement.

Other Sites

These last few projects are ones that are not covered in other categories. They're more static sites, and there isn't really enough to say about them to warrant giving them their own pages.

Freelance & Personal

These others were sites that I was contracted on, or took it upon myself to make.

Not Currently Public / Available

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