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In the summer of 2022 I met Caroline Holden. She was in the process of founding a startup and was looking for someone technical to come on board. After several chats over two months, we signed some contracts and started working together.

HomSurfin is a startup that's looking to solve a lot of problems around buying a new home. A lot of new realtors have trouble getting leads (because of expensive and bad tools and lack of resources), and for users most of the existing sites are not intuitive. Not to mention they will often misrepresent the listing agent.

With HomSurfin, we're building a real estate app that gamifies and simplifies the home hunting experience. We got into the Beta accelerator out of Minnesota. And though we are still in the early stages, we have an alpha version of the app slated to launch in January of 2023.

My role on this is handling everything on the technical side - not only building the app itself, but managing some of our tools, coming up with the hiring plan for building out the team. I am also doing quite a bit of design work - from business cards and posters to the actual app itself.

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