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A Passage Through


A Passage Through is a paranormal investigation buddy-cop tabletop roleplaying game. A game master leads two players through a mystery - with one player being an investigator / medium, and the other being their ghostly partner.

Together, the duo act as psychopomps - tasked with helping restless spirits cross over to whatever comes next. Along the way they also learn about people's lives, dig up the past, and solve crimes.

Despite being a game about death, the tone can be lighthearted. Players can lean into more of the buddy-cop elements and play up the fun differences and frustrations between the two partners.

They are, after all, quite different, and neither of them ever asked to be bound to the other. You can give it a Saturday morning cartoon vibe akin to the Real Ghostbusters or Scooby Doo.

With that said, I also describe it as a very heart-focused game. It's not just about the events of a death, but how loved ones process death, the impacts our lives have on those around us, and what we leave behind us when we go.

It's a game about accepting that everything ends, while also keeping a hopeful look towards the future that just maybe, nothing really ends, just changes into something else.

A Passage Through is nearly fully written / designed, and will be coming to Kickstarter for self-publication in early 2023.

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